Mike Heuer

The four words that best describe Mike are:  
  • Sincere:  Doesn’t play political games, does what he says, and holds others equally accountable

  • Analytical:  Enjoys a good story, please show him the data/facts

  • Loyal:  Dedicated to the success of the team and the individuals within

  • Purposeful:  Desire to make a difference

Driving by a sense of urgency, Mike brings a history of global technology delivery and change leadership in turn around environments.  For example most recently Mike oversaw the operational management of Blue Shield of California’s application landscape.  When he joined operations was under pressure with inconsistent processes and an unaffordable vendor management model hampering application development and maintenance.  In addition, electronic enrollment of members was suffering from such poor quality that records were entered manually increasing error rates and member dissatisfaction.  In the first 45 days Mike pulled together a cross-functional team to fix the major quality issues and restore confidence in the system resulting in $10M of extraneous cost savings and improved customer service.  Mike then turned his focus to establishing standard systems and processes for operations. He built a centralized team from the ground up with a data driven approach resulting in a 110% improvement in service level performance.  In parallel, Mike developed a strategic vendor management model for application development and maintenance that reduced operation costs by 55% while significantly improving IT’s quality and responsiveness to customers.

Prior to Blue Shield Mike held several management positions with Applied Materials.  At the time Applied operated multiple redundant ERP systems each with their own operational protocol increasing the complexity of the environment as well as the operational cost structure.   Mike lead the transition to standardized operations and the transition to a managed service delivery model reducing operating costs by 35% and increasing customer satisfaction by 25% with easy-to-understand processes.  While the standardization and simplification of processes was a huge win for the organization, the company still operated multiple duplicative ERP systems.  Mike developed a roadmap to consolidate these systems into a single global manufacturing system.

Earlier in his career, Mike lead customer experience and implementations for Deem, a venture backed startup and also served Accenture’s Communications and High Tech clients in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.